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5 Tips to Keep That Kini Bod This Holiday Season!

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The holiday season is among us and while it brings lots of cheer it can also throw off your healthy habits. Here are 5 tips so you can enjoy the holidays and still feel and look great come January!

#1: Keep a routine (even if it’s modified)
It’s easy to ditch your workout routine during the holidays when you have a different schedule than normal. Whether it’s late night parties or traveling to see family, you might not be able to fit in your normal workout. While you may not be able to make it to your spin class but you can definitely take a 30-minute jog or do an in-home workout video. Keep up with your exercise routine but be open to modifying it! 

#2: Make a veggie dish
It is part of the holidays to indulge so go ahead and enjoy those delicious creamy mashed potatoes or cookie recipe you’ve had pinned for months -  but consider making a healthy salad or veggie recipe as well. We guarantee with loads of rich foods on the table others will be appreciative for some greens. 

#3: Low cal cocktails
Eggnog and mulled wine are delicious but you can drink away your entire day’s calorie intake if you're not careful. When making holiday cocktails yourself, look up some lower calorie options that can still give you that festive feel without the added guilt. If you’re out, still give yourself the treat of enjoying a holiday drink but then switch to something lower calorie that won’t throw you too off track. 

#4: Drink more water!
This year-round rule of thumb is especially true around the holidays! It is easy to forget to drink water when you are away from your normal routine but it's important to stay hydrated. Water keeps you feeling full and it may just mean you are satisfied with one less beer or piece of pie.

#5: Add in some active social activities
Drinks at a bar or a movie with the family are fun, but don’t forget activities that can keep you moving! Ice-skating, walks around town, a ski day or hike are just a few fun ways to keep moving and socialize. Even walking around the mall shopping counts, right? ☺


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