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Surf Town Spotlight | A Piece of Paradise: Canggu, Bali

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Is there anything quite as exotic as riding on a scooter towards the ocean through a rice paddy in nothing but your bikini with your board strapped to your side?

We don’t think so! Welcome to the idyllic surfside town of Canggu in Bali, Indonesia.

Canggu is a favorite destination among those looking for a laid back town with the perfect mix of surf, yoga and beach vibes. With a growing number of expats it certainly feels like a home away from home with many boutiques, healthy cafes, yoga and meditation studios and more.

The best part? Canggu is cheap as chips if you’re coming from the US or other developed countries! We’re talking beautiful, private villas for $75/night, mojitos on the beach for $2, a delicious smoothie bowl for $3, an hour massage for $10… and that’s just a start! Ladies, this is where dreams are made of.

Check out a few highlights of Canggu below!

Canggu – and Bali in general – is known for their healthy café scene. With an abundance of fruit on the island there is no shortage of amazing smoothies, acai bowls and fresh juices. A favorite is Crate Café, where prices average $3.50 for some seriously delicious, healthy meals.

With 3 main breaks and a few others close by, Canggu is a hot spot for surfers who visit from around the world. Mostly reef breaks but a few beach breaks as well that are perfect for newbies.

A favorite among locals and visitors is Echo Beach – especially during golden hour, just before sunset.  Lined with little shacks on the beach, you can enjoy delicious mojitos and $1 beers while sitting in beanbag chairs catching the last rays of the day.  

Old Man’s beachside restaurant is the perfect spot for a post-surf beer. On any afternoon you can find barefoot locals who just stepped out of the surf enjoying some drinks with friends.

While Bali’s western influenced cafes and bars are nice, be sure to explore the beautiful land, experience the culture and meet the Balinese people. They are truly the heart of this beautiful island ☺

P.S. Our hearts are with those that have recently had to evacuate the Mount Agung volcano area of Bali, due to a possible eruption. And thank you to the volunteer groups that have gone back into the evacuation zone to save the furry friends (pets & other animals). 





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