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 The struggle is real for all you well endowed beauties out there and we here at KaiKini get it. The blessing (or curse when it comes to bikini shopping) of having a full bust has met it’s match with KaiKini’s stellar swimsuit creations. Finding the right shape to cover your lovely lady lumps, straps to not only hold all that bountiful weight but hold it comfortably and a proper fit to keep the ladies safely in their seats has just gotten easier with their stylish suits.

The busty babe motto: Always avoid any suit with a neck tie! No matter how cute the bikini is, it isn’t worth having your neck slowly severed off by the digging strap. It’s all about support. The Ekolu top is a perfect example of the right kind of strap support: having three shoulder straps to create a large surface for distributing the weight of your ample bosom while being edgier than a simple thick strap. 

Wild Wahine Ekolu Bikini Top Edana is wearing size Voluptuous- 2XL

An adjustable back is key as well. You can use this to add extra support by keeping it tight enough to lift and hold in the under boob while making sure the fit on top doesn’t make the awkward top bulge either. The Kaikini X back design does both of these things by allowing complete adjustment for comfort and support as well as not making your neck take the brunt of the weight.

Love the look of triangle tops? No problem! The Triangle tops and Sport tops from KaiKini create the same behind the neck curvature but without the neck pains and the added adjustment from perfectly placed moveable beads allow for complete customization of strap placement. The structure of the straps around your back can provide as much support and lift as underwire without the “mom bra” look.

Athletic Y back supports like the Palama top similar to the silhouette of a sports bra but with a strappy stylish twist will achieve the same effect.  

A one piece is the perfect option if you are constantly on the move and want to keep the ladies in, but even a one piece can be less than supportive for above average busts. The High Side Strappy One Piece has the secret in the name: Straps. It’s criss crossing straps hold those babies firmly up and in place while keeping you super cute and trendy. I won’t even get started on the figure flattering cut! 

Edana is wearing size Medium

For an even more customized fit, the adjustable one piece has straps in the back to allow for more support than most on the market. It's up to you how much lift you want as well as the deepness of the v cut neckline and the bright watercolor jungle pattern of the Island Goddess print is to die for! 

Edana is wearing size Medium / Kaui (upper right) is wearing size Small

Most importantly never buy a set bikini that comes with the same size top and bottom. Our bodies come in all shapes and sizes and so should your bikini. Mix and match sizes to find the perfect fit top and bottom.

So, ladies, don’t suffer the discomfort, unnatural bulges and worrisome nip slip problems anymore. Invest in your chest and treat that voluptuous bosom to the fit you both deserve.

By Bimini Ketchum // Photos by Keith Ketchum Photography // MUA @artistrybystefanie // Model @edanamame

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