Get Your Custom-Made Swimsuits From KaiKini!

Did you know that bodies don’t come in sizes small, medium, or large? Each body is different, so why are we still buying swimsuits that don’t truly fit us? 

At KaiKini, we think you deserve better when it comes to your swimwear, especially if you are investing in high-quality swimwear that will last season after season. That’s why we are proud to offer custom-made swimsuits that are hand-cut and sewn right here in Hawaii. 

Our swimwear brand is committed to sustainability and quality. When you buy cheap, mass-produced swimsuits, you unintentionally are supporting large factories with deplorable working conditions and unsustainable practices. 

With KaiKini, you can rest easy knowing that our team works in a naturally-lit and breezy facility so we can cut down on energy costs. When it does get a little warm, we use our Energy Star A/C system to keep cool and comfortable. We support our local seamstresses with fair wages and a safe work environment. Unlike that $12 swimsuit that’s going to end up in a landfill when it falls apart after three wears, our handmade swimsuits are designed to last for years of regular use. 

Sure, our swimsuits cost a little more than what you’d find at Target, but they are each made with love to fit your measurements. If you care about the environment, the people who make your suits, and the quality of the suit itself, then choose KaiKini. Find out below how you can design your own bathing suit with us! 

How To Create A Custom Swimsuit With KaiKini

Start by shopping the way you want to shop. Would you prefer to start with a fabric you love and then choose the perfect kini style? Or would you rather start with a general shape for your kini and then choose the perfect fabric pattern? Both are options here at KaiKini! 

Choose Your Cut

We have a ton of options for your bikini cut. Whether you prefer plenty of coverage on bottom and a supportive top or you think that less is more when it comes to getting the perfect tan, you can mix and match bottoms and tops to your heart’s content. We also offer one pieces that still give you all of the creative freedom that our two pieces offer! 

Choosing Your Fabric

If you want to start with a fabric, then choose from our solids, patterns, or designer collections. Mix and match to create the ideal combination that speaks to your personality. 

Not into all the fun patterns? No problem. 

With a bikini that is this high quality, you can expect to wear it for years to come. What you can’t count on, though, is that a pattern that is trendy now might look like “last year’s model” next year. We offer LUX black bikinis that are guaranteed to never go out of style. These kinis are silky smooth to the touch and the fabric has a UPF 50+ rating. Best of all, these pre-made suits are ready to ship immediately! While these won’t be 100% made to your measurements, returns for these ones are free so feel empowered to try a few sizes and styles. 

What If My Custom-Made Bikini Doesn’t Fit?

We get it. You might feel like investing in a high-quality, hand-made bikini isn’t worth it if you run the risk of it not fitting perfectly. While most of our ladies say their suits fit like a second skin, if yours doesn’t, we offer free alterations on all custom kinis and one-pieces. We also offer a helpful measuring guide and you can even schedule a consultation with our fit guru for the best results. 

Create Your Custom-Made Swimsuit Today! 

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