KAIKINI through the eyes of a surfer


There really isn’t a way to explain the feeling, no; the experience that is surfing. It’s a complete submersion into the untamed ocean and a wildness of being one with such a powerful entity... as a female, this is usually annoyingly interrupted by the necessity to pull up your bikini bottoms.


After years of competitve surfing and a never ending struggle with wave loosened bikinis, I tried yet another brand in search of something that might end my flashing streak world tour. Enter KAIKINI. A rad Hawaiian brand made by women, for women and focused toward active lifestyle adventurers. At first glance I thought... this is way too stylish to be functional, but figured at least I would look good in it, so I threw it on and paddled out. Immediately it became clear through the first duck dive under an avalanching wall of white water that these bottoms weren’t going anywhere. For the first time in years I was able to focus on surfing and not keeping my nips covered and my bottoms on. It was freeing. 


Okay, so you might think maybe just that one design was good for surfing, but through the next few years ALL designs have retained their functionality while staying trendy. So how did one company out of hundreds of mainstream surf and swim brands succeed where so many have failed? That’s their secret, but I can tell you from my perspective that the X back designed tops and the second skin fitting cheeky bottoms stay in place like nothing I have ever experienced. 


To all you free adventurous explorers, deep diving sirens and wild, uninhibited wanderlusters: if you haven’t discovered KAIKINI this is your wakeup call. Be a creature of comfort.  Adventure in style and wander in contentment.

By: Bimini Ketchum

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