Straight From Momma's Mouth | the Mini of Mine Photoshoot

It started like every morning. I awoke to the screaming wail of “mommy” resonating through the walls and crushing my last warm moments of peace beneath the sheets. I jump up frantically to run into the other room where my little one is happily sitting up in bed repeating “yum yum!” at the top of her seemingly helium infused lungs. Thus the normal whirlwind of the day begins.

Today, however, was a little different than most.

Our daily routine was slightly interrupted by a trip to the KaiKini studio. Against my usual self doubting feelings since having my baby I accepted an offer to model… Are you ready for it?… BIKINIS!!! What was I thinking! But seriously, I couldn’t say no when the owner Taryn said it would be a mini and me shoot with matching bikinis for mom and babe. So with a thousand butterflies (okay more like giant fluttering bats) and an electrifying excitement running through me I entered the studio with my head high ready to suck it all in and smile like my life depended on it. 

To my delight the kids were running wild while the ladies were laughing and joking as we all awed over how cute the little girls were in the tiny suits. Hair and makeup is an almost non existent luxury for a crazed mom who barely has time to use the bathroom let alone get all dolled up and even though I had to hold my daughter, Lucia, occasionally when she needed mommy it was an easy, even fun, experience. The result: I actually felt pretty. Not the normal haggard, tired, bags under the eyes reflection that I usually see in the mirror (okay so it’s not that bad but we are our own worst critic, right?) but a softer more feminine, dare I say lady, was staring back at me.

Matching Mommy and Me Kinis

Now came the ultimate test. The FIRST time trying on the debuting bikini. I’m completely skipping over the easy, soft, completely perfect fit of the mini swimsuit going on my daughter since that was a given- I mean, Taryn makes incredible suits and Lucia looks precious in anything so I wasn’t really worried on that front. But the dreaded two piece, stomach baring suit I was to wear… believe me this was all in my head. I shimmied into the softest fabric I’ve ever felt against my skin into a swimsuit, it’s color reminiscent of a still crystal clear pond just before sunrise with a raining of soft white plumeria blossoms across the surface. The crossing back made top adjustment easy and comfortable while the bottom, not too tight or tiny, sat snugly and securely. It looked good. Like really good for a two piece, flattering all the right places on my unpredictable mom bod and did I already say it was sooo soft? I could live in that fabric! Anyway, after I spent about an hour admiring the fit of the suit, I walked out into the studio and the little girls were dancing around giggling and holding hands in their miniature versions of our suits. That’s when I melted.

No, but really it was the most adorable thing I’d ever witnessed, then came the chaos of trying to get them to do what the photographer wanted them to do when, lets face it, girls just do what they want to do. So he drew a circle and we moms stood around telling our daughters to “stand in the circle,” “hold hands,” and “SMILE!” Thanks to the photographer being awesome and the kids actually doing what we asked occasionally we got what we needed and it was time to go out on location. To the beach.

Haku Lei Mommas

Once we arrived, Taryn handed out gorgeous matching haku leis from a local lei maker, for each mommy and me. This was tear inducing. The girls were like little cherubs and the mothers glorious goddesses. It was a special moment I will never forget, something so magical captured in those first shots of us along the path with Lucia nestled at my side staring adoringly at the vibrant flowers in my lei po’o. It lasted about ten sweet seconds before the girls threw them off there heads and refused hysterically to ever allow us to put them back on. That was a good laugh and I’m just glad all the girls agreed with that sentiment. Then came the beach.

We were absolutely crazy to think you could put three little girls together at the beach and think you could control them! It was WILD! They ran here and there as we tried our best to keep up and look somewhat good as we did it. We threw them in the air, chased them around the landscaped grounds and followed them into the water.

It was actually a lot of fun and before we knew it the shoot was over as the sun peeked out to bathe us in warm light for the final moments as we three adoring moms stood side by side, knee deep in the shallows, nestling our beloved babes in our arms. Fleeting moments like that, beautifully captured, reveal the true feeling of what it means to be a mom.

With Love,



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Photos \\ @keithketchum
MUA \\ @_lululush_
Haku Leis \\ @loveleikauai
Fabric Design \\ @tarynmari & @min_dv
Mommy models \\ @thecraftofwandering @amandatanigawa @tarynmari

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