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Popoyo Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a popular destination for the avid surfer – with much to offer in terms of beaches and breaks. One popular destination within Nicaragua is the small town of Popoyo, located on Nicaragua’s west coast.   

The drive to Popoyo from the popular tourist city of Granada takes you down a very rocky dirt road. The area is desolate, and it is hard to imagine you are anywhere near an ocean. However, after about an hour and a half you hit Popoyo and it doesn’t take long to see why this place is every surfer’s dream.

Popoyo is quiet. You go there to surf, lounge in a hammock, eat, surf and repeat (with a few beers in between!) People go to bed early and the sole focus for those visiting the area is the waves. Everyone is there to surf and most of the accommodation choices are minimal with a very communal surf vibe.  With over 300 days of offshore winds it’s hard to find a day here you can’t surf.

It is definitely one of those destinations you stop in and plan to continue on your way down the coast but find yourself extending your stay by a few days. There’s something about the simplicity of the place that is both calming and invigorating.

Here are some of our tips for Popoyo:

Popoyo’s Breaks
Popoyo has many great breaks you can access by beach or boat. The most popular break is Popoyo – a point break that gets some large swells. Popoyo is the most popular break in Nicaragua due to the fact it breaks on all tides and swells. Other noteworthy breaks are Lance’s Left, Playgrounds, and Playa Santa (among many others).

Where to stay
Check out NicaWaves, a surf lodge that has a wide range of room types for every budget. Their private suites are wonderful and for those on a backpacker budget they have a large shared room with single or double beds. With a pool and many hammocks for lounging, it’s a nice place to stay for both the surfer non-surfer alike. If you are looking to stay right on the beach Finca Popoyo is a great choice and the closest accommodation to Popoyo break. 

Sunset Drinks
Located on the beach in front of the Popoyo break you’ll find Breaks Bar at Finca – a perfect spot to finish the day. The sunset is incredible, the beer is cheap, and the tunes are great

Getting around
If you are looking to explore the area we recommend hiring a car (with four-wheel drive) or a motorbike. Everything is a bit spread out and the mid day heat can make everything feel twice as far when trying to get around by foot.


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