LA-Oct22-Kailani One Piece and Long Sleeve Suits

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The PELE ONE PIECE Teeny, Cheeky or Full offers you that feeling of keeping it all in place while still showing off a good amount of booty to keep you looking (and feeling) sexy! This teeny, cheeky or full long sleeve one piece suit even comes with the option of thumbholes to keep the sleeves from rolling up in the surf!

Top Sizes (Long Sleeve styles):

Extra Spectacular (XS): 0-2 A/B Cup,

Spectacular (SM): 2-4 B/C Cup,

Magnificent (M): 4-6 C/D Cup,
Lovely (LG): 8-10 D/DD Cup,
Extra Lovely (XL): 10-12 D/DD Cup

Bottom Sizes:

Extra Spectacular (XS) 31” Hip,
Spectacular (SM) 32-33” Hip, 

Magnificent (M) 34-35” Hip, 

Lovely (LG) 36-37” Hip,

Extra Lovely (XL) 38-39” Hip,
Voluptuous (2X) 40-41.5” Hip, 

Bombshell (3X) 42-43.5” Hip


This is the perfect sexy one piece suit. The KAILANI ONE PIECE has a deep v-neck in front with adjustable ties in the back for more support and is available in teeny, cheeky or full coverage!

  • Kailani One Piece Top Sizes:

    (XS) 32-34A cup top,
    (SM) 36A-36B cup top,

    (M) 32C-34C cup top,

    (LG) 36C-32D cup top,

    (XL) 34D-36D/32DD cup top,
    (2X) 34DD-36DD/32DDD cup top,

    (3X) 34DDD-36DDD cup top

  • Kailani One Piece Bottom Sizes:

    (XS) 31” Hip,
    (SM) 32-33” Hip,

    (M) 34-35” Hip,

    (LG) 36-37” Hip,

    (XL) 38-39” Hip,
    (2X) 40-41.5” Hip,

    (3X) 42-43.5” Hip 

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