When you pair the ocean and an exquisitely crafted bikini together, something enchanting happens and that magic is called KaiKini. Manifesting out of the visionary mind of designer and founder, Taryn Rodighiero, KaiKini was born from a sense that the bikini world was missing a certain factor of integrity, sustainability, and quality.


KaiKini Bikinis are made to live life with you! Utilizing only the highest quality materials and sewing practices, our ‘Kinis are durable, withstanding malfunction and color fading.

Every ‘Kini is designed with the essence of Kauai’s free-spirited and liberating nature in mind, offering bright, bold prints coupled with sexy, flirty silhouettes. Expertly tailored, our traditional Brazilian bikini bottoms are flattering for any figure comprising the souls of beach addicts everywhere. Because each Hawaiian-made bikini is hand cut and handmade, we assure you’ll be one-of-a-kind on your surfing, sunning, diving, yoga-ing and hiking excursions!


In 2017, requests for custom-made ‘Kinis began to pop up.  After saying yes to the first few orders we found ourselves viewing the way we made our ‘kinis in a new light.  If no person is the same, why should their ‘Kinis be?  

With the customizable option, we have removed traditional sizing so you can tell us what fits, not the other way around.  Each hand-crafted piece is labeled with a “my size” tag because it’s just that - your size!  

Shortly after the first order was made, KaiKinis first customized Mommy & Me collection was released and it only continues to grow.  Now three years later, almost 100% of KaiKinis are customized.


At KaiKini, our constant pursuit to bring fashionable and high end swimwear to wanderlust dreamers everywhere differentiates us from the rest, but it takes more than that to separate ourselves from the herd. Looking good is not our only prerogative. Feeling good - Now, that’s the true heartbeat of our company.

Did you know that only 2% of the apparel sold in the United States is actually made on her own soil? 

KaiKini strives to preserve this dying industry through many avenues. We purchase all of our fabrics and thread from U.S. manufacturers and sell directly to our customers and wholesalers. Each American-made swimsuit is quite literally hand cut and hand made right here on Kauai, U.S.A. and manufactured with love and passion in small batches by Kauai’s very own women.  These Wahines form our KaiKini family, earning competitive wages working in a sweatshop-free and eco-friendly environment. Yep, that’s right, we’re ‘Green’ too!


Here at KaiKini, we believe everyone can play a role in preserving this gorgeous home we call Earth. We promise not to shy away from best practices just to save a buck. At our facility, we conserve energy working by the natural light of Kauai’s sun and keep cool by the kisses of her ocean breeze. We resort to utilizing our Energy Star A/C and eco-lights only when absolutely necessary. All the paper we use in the office and for packing slips is 100% post consumer recycled and made from recycled food & beverage containers. Even our packaging for shipments is reusable, biodegradable and constructed of recycled material!  When you buy swimwear online from Kaikini, you can rest easy knowing that you are shunning fast-fashion sweatshops and instead supporting local seamstresses working in an eco-friendly and safe work environment.

So go ahead and delight in a dose of “good vibes.” Treat yourself to a KaiKini custom-made bikini to not only feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, but the warmth of Aloha deep in your heart. We thank you for taking a small step toward the preservation of products “Made in the USA” and more importantly the natural beauty of this majestic Earth.







  Founder KaiKini BikinisAfter seven years of living on Kauai, I realized my obsession with bikinis and beaches was never going to end. I bought a new ‘kini almost every week… but was constantly disappointed by the quality. No matter how much the bikini cost they all had the same two things in common: they'd start to fall apart after only a few wears and wouldn't stay put in the waves. So, after months of listening to me describe every little thing I loved and hated about the ‘kinis I wore, my husband suggested I start making my own.

I believe his exact words were, 
"If you think you can make a better bikini, the only way to find out is to do it." And he was right!

The only problem was, I had never sewn a day in my life. Never sat down at a sewing machine, never even picked up a needle and thread. We're talking zero sewing experience… but I wasn't going to let that stop me. I was determined to figure out a way to manufacture high-end bikinis despite the fact I wouldn’t have anyone to teach me how.

I decided to take a leap of faith and believe in myself: I spent my life savings on five industrial sewing machines, materials and thread and taught myself how to sew. After eight incredibly frustrating months of trial and error, I finally started to make handmade bikinis I could be proud of. Four months later, my KaiKini’s were in multiple stores all over Kauai and they were being sold faster than I could sew them. Now in our 9th year of business, KaiKini is the largest manufacturer of Hawaiian-made swimwear and we sell bikinis all over the world!

So, I encourage you to follow your dreams and never, ever give up on yourself or something you're passionate about!

 Mahalo Nui Loa,
Taryn Mari'
Wife/ Mother/ Designer/ Entrepreneur



We're a close-knit group of girls who love what we do and do it well! 

Left to Right: Luvi (Seamstress), Taryn (Founder/Designer), Kim (Seamstress & Customer Service)

Kim has been with us for over 6 years and like our founder, she came to KaiKini never having sewn before. Stitch by stitch, she mastered every machine and is now an expert seamstress with an eye for detail. Kim also processes all our online orders. 

Luvi has been with the company for 4 years now. She came to us from Florida where she had spent nearly 10 years making parachutes for the military. Accustomed to quality standards that literally meant life or death, in addition to sewing, we made Luvi our quality control manager. She checks each and every handmade bikini before it leaves our studio.

Haley has been with us for little over a year and is another talented part of the family.  Shortly after being introduced to the team, she joined as our fabric cutter and is now on her way to becoming another one of our incredible seamstresses.

Michelle is the newest to KaiKini.  After returning to Kauai from working in the fashion industry, she has become our auction coordinator and assists in customer service and shipping.