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The online bikini shopping experience just got way easier to get a realistic idea of how our suits are going to accommodate your ladies and you have an idea on what each top offers. We know how hard online shopping is for clothes, especially a bikini and we made this to try and help erase your doubts and assist you in choosing the perfect size online. 

Watch the video below to hear what the girls thought about each top, their favs and why! 


Size Range: A cup- DDD cup

Our best selling top!  Most likely due to the super cute adjustable three string design that distributes the weight evenly on your shoulders, not your neck. It’s a must for big wave surf. Nothing can shake this suit. You don’t even have to worry about anything falling out or even moving after a huge wipe out which is absolutely priceless if you are any kind of water or land athlete. 




    Size Range: A cup - DDD cup

     The Sport top is pretty aptly named. It’s functional for just about any sport you can think of with it’s beaded X back design. You can move the beads up for intense sports to make it a tighter fit and push it lower for more comfort when hanging out on the beach. Just brilliant, right?



    Size Range: A cup - DDD cup

    The newest addition to the KaiKini family. When you put this baby on, you won't ever want to take it off! Lots of natural lift for your lovely lady lumps, tons of strappy weight distribution and best of all super comfy! Also doubles as a cuter, less restrictive sports bra when hiking, stand up paddling or doing yoga.




    Size Range: A cup - DD cup

    Our Triangle is sexy like all the triangles you ever wore but this is not your regular boring triangle top! Add the amazing adjustable beads and eliminate all the neck pain and you might have a better idea of how rad this pretty little number is.


    >> Please email us at with any sizing questions- we love to help! <<


    Size Chart




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