Based on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, Hoa Kai Surf is a lifestyle brand that is committed to preserving and reviving the art of Turkish weaving through partnerships with generations-old weaving families in the country. The company has a commitment to   creating the highest-quality, 100 percent raw Turkish cotton towels and products available, sourced from the Aegean province in Turkey and artfully crafted on centuries-old wooden looms in Turkey. In Fall, 2016, Hoa Kai Surf became the first brand to develop a process for printing patterns on raw cotton fabrics, and is presently the only company distributing raw cotton towels with prints.


‘Ili is an invitation to revel in the simple strength of solitude, inspired by the purity of island life. We are fortunate to call Kaua'i home. Island living has imparted an appreciation, thoughtfulness, and regard we want to share. The ‘Ili experience celebrates this love and sacredness with self-care.

Here, aloha is much more than a greeting - it’s a way of life. It’s the way of love. Every bag of ‘ili body scrub is made with our aloha. It's made fresh weekly with high quality organic ingredients, delivering you a premium product we are proud of. Show your body some aloha with ‘ili. 


KAIMANA means "Strength or Power of the Ocean." 

Our goal is to provide an Ocean inspired- durable, high quality range of products, and a Brand that creates positive + inspiring waves of change- A worldwide movement of ALOHA! 


Machinemachine was established in 2007 by Kauai-native Shannon Hiramoto. Most machinemachine garments and accessories are one-of-a-kind and designed to be equally comfortable and stylish. The handmade movement which machinemachine is proud to be a part of seeks to dress the world in happily and ethically made, non-sweatshop, human-centered manufacturing processes.



Designer Tanya Maile Naehu of MyLei was born in Ewa and raised in Lahaina. She now resides in Honouliwai valley where she has called Moloka'i home for the last 10 years with her husband, Hanohano and 3 Keiki. She has been a hula practitioner for over 35 years and a speaker and educator of 'Olelo Hawai'i, the Hawaiian language for 25 years. Besides creating MyLei's  designs she also teaches visual arts, performing arts and SLAM poetry to Molokai's youth. Maile was raised in a family of artists and she raises her children surrounded by the arts coupled with the Hawaiian language and practices as well. Her deep knowledge and love for her home and Hawaiian traditions are the inspirations behind all her creations.


Salt Designs Hawaii is a company dedicated to making products that embody the culture and lifestyle of the Islands. Ocean rhythms inspire free spirits where island girls work and play in their element. Salts handmade clutches are designed for any occasion a mermaid may find for one!