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Black LUX Mahea Top


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Support without underwire is possible and we've done it! Using a sewing technique called "gathering", we made it so the cups literally cradle and support each breast individually for maximum comfort....and it looks pretty cute too!

Pic: Topaz is wearing size Medium

Style Profile:
Size: A Cup- 36DDD 

Fabric Attributes: 
- the fabric is really the star of this suit: It feels silky soft to the touch with a forgiving stretch that hugs your curves like a second skin. 
- UPF 50+ Rating: only 1/50th of the sun's UV rays pass through this fabric, reducing your skin's UV radiation exposure significantly on the parts that are covered. 

Style Attributes:
- V-neck line
- no pressure on the neck
- doubles as a bra
- super comfy, cradle-like support for your breasts 
wide chest band keeps the top in place

Activity Level:
Great for beach, pool or just about anywhere. Doubles as comfy bra under your favorite tank. This top is great for mellow water play and cruising at the beach.

For the absolute Best Fit: 
- Refer to our size guide to learn how to take accurate measurements.
- If you need help, schedule a consultation, we'd be happy to walk you through it!

The Technical Stuff:
- Black LUX suits ship immediately 
- RETURNS ARE FREE for all Black LUX kinis. (US orders only) So feel free try a couple sizes and styles, then return anything you don't love for free!


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