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CLEARANCE: Wayuuki Rosy Pink Handbag

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This handbag is a rare beauty. Hand knitted, with a long strap and fringe detail.  The Rosy Pink bag is sweet with chevron detail on the strap in colors of orange, teal, blue, and pink. You will have an attention grabbing piece of hand-made Wayuu art wherever you go!

Wayuuki bags are beautiful and very colorful hand knitted, with a long strap and fringe detail. Each bag is hand made by the Wayuu tribe in Colombia and every single piece is a unique design representative of the Wayuu cultural heritage, and no two bags have the same design. So light weight they are perfect for travel.


-Measures 12"H x 13"W.
-Material: Knit
-Handmade in Columbia by th women of the Wayúu tribe.


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