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Where women can support women in the journey to finding their perfect fit.

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Supporting One Another

A bikini should be yours to choose, forget antiquated sizing and outdated beauty standards. Our community is all about being our authentic, unedited selves and empowering the people in our lives to do the same. There’s nothing more amazing than a woman ignoring the chatter of unattainable expectations and loving themselves! In a world that’s busy telling us how to look and who to be, this is our space to reconcile our vulnerabilities with one another and to grow into radical self acceptance in our bodies and hearts.


Uniquely Yours

Categorizing people into a limited size range is unfair to the diversity and beauty of humanity. No body is the same and the creators behind KaiKini know that when it comes to finding the perfect suit the struggle is real. Our dedication to custom swim is our solution to this problem!

Our team is made up of Kauai-based seamstresses who have years of experience in custom handmade bikinis, helping thousands of women around the world to find the suit that hugs and gives in all of the right places. From adjusting waistband size to changing the length of a shoulder strap and so much more, almost 100% of KaiKini bikinis are fully customizable to fit individual needs as well as tastes! And who doesn't love the idea of being the only person in the world that'll be rocking that swimsuit?!

Made by Women for Women

Made by Women for Women

KaiKini is proud to be a Women Owned Business! This means that the women behind KaiKini are invested in creating a community and a safe space for every woman by recognizing and addressing the diverse set of needs that we as women have. By supporting a woman owned and operated business you are investing in a future of women’s economic success, innovation, and equality.




Sustainable Swim

Made with the Earth in Mind

Malama 'Āina

Here at KaiKini, we believe everyone can play a role in preserving this gorgeous home we call Earth. All the paper we use in the office and for packing slips is 100% post-consumer recycled and made from recycled food & beverage containers. Even our packaging for shipments is reusable, biodegradable, and constructed of recycled material! 

So go ahead and delight in a dose of “good vibes.” Treat yourself to a KaiKini custom bikini to not only feel the warmth of the sun on your skin but the warmth of Aloha deep in your heart. We thank you for taking a small step toward the preservation of products “Made in the USA” and more importantly the natural beauty of this majestic Earth.

Earth-First Manufacturing

Earth-First Manufacturing

KaiKini is dedicated to being a sustainable company. Our constant pursuit to bring fashionable and high end swimwear to wanderlust dreamers everywhere while maintaining sustainable business practices differentiates us from the rest.  We don’t believe in fast fashion here. Our swimsuits are made to last, taking care to ensure they are the best quality and fashionable so you’ll be able to wear them for years! Feeling good is the true heartbeat of our company, and you can feel good knowing you’re Going Green with KaiKini!

Shop Local

Shop Local

KaiKini is a part of the mere 2% of apparel producers who make their goods on their own soil in the USA. We purchase all of our fabrics and thread from U.S. manufacturers and sell directly to our customers and wholesalers. Our Made on Kauai Bikinis are quite literally hand cut and hand made right here on the island. The seamstresses who form our KaiKini team earn competitive wages working in a sweatshop-free and eco-friendly environment. When you buy swimwear online from KaiKini, you can rest easy knowing that you are shunning fast-fashion sweatshops and supporting local workers in an eco-friendly and safe work environment.





Your Support

Your support is what keeps us going. KaiKini was born from a sense that the bikini world was missing a certain factor of integrity, sustainability, and quality. Did you know that KaiKini is the largest manufacturer of Hawaiian-made swimwear and we sell bikinis all over the world?! Over the years we have watched as our community grew with us. Seeing happy customers out there in the world rocking their KaiKini bikinis and shining with confidence is the true indicator of success for us. From humble beginnings to where we are now, there is absolutely no way that KaiKini could’ve grown into the company that it is today without those who have stuck with us along the way. We’re so excited to see where the rest of the journey takes us!