Our 11th Anniversary

KaiKini Bikinis is 11! We are so thankful to be where we are today with all of your love and support. We love our KaiKini community! 

Taryn Rodighiero, KaiKini Bikinis founder, had never sewed before, but wanted to create a line of bikinis that stayed on and didn't fall apart. She took her life savings and bought five industrial sewing machines and got to work! After months of trial and error, she finally created handmade swimsuits she was proud of! Fast forward to today, KaiKini Bikinis is now the largest manufacturer of Hawaii made swimwear and sells bikinis all over the world!

The first 7 years we were in business, we made suits and stocked them in inventory to sell, but when we started to get more requests for customizations, we realized it was something really special and unique that we could offer our customers. We launched out first custom collection and it was a huge success! Within a year or so, we decided to fully transition into exclusively making custom suits. 

Hearing from our customers how good their suit makes them FEEL has been the most rewarding thing during these last 11 years. It’s wonderful when someone likes how it looks, but when someone tells us how great they FEEL in one of our suits, we know we’ve done something really special. Mahalo for supporting us all these years!