Good News - We’re shortening our turnaround time!

Good News - We’re shortening our turnaround time!

Aloha Friends,

We have an exciting announcement. Our turnaround time for custom swimwear has decreased from 3-5 weeks to 2 weeks with our new prints! We are now ordering prints in larger quantities in order to eliminate production delays.

For custom swimwear orders, the following fabrics are now guaranteed for a two-week turnaround time. Please note: For customers requiring a fitting appointment, the turnaround window begins after your consultation.

In Other News...

We now offer both a full line of Ready-to-Wear suits in our most current prints as well as "Rack" Sale Suits, made from our retired prints.

These are great options for customers who do not need customization, want to save money and want their KaiKini right away.

All of our pre-made suits ship within one business day. 

Thank you for your continued support of our local, women owned-and-operated, small business!


The Team at KaiKini